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Presidio Graduate School’s community of world-class faculty is composed of scholar-practitioners, with subject matter expertise in subjects ranging from ecological economics and clean technology to social entrepreneurship and urban sustainability. They are at the forefront of scholarship, teaching and practice in the field of sustainable management. Together with our guest lecturers and academic advisors, Presidio faculty offer our students an extraordinary resource for developing their skills and knowledge.


Core Faculty

Ryan Cabinte, MBA, JD

Associate Dean of the MPA and Dual Degree Programs
Market Failures & the Regulatory Environment


Dwight Collins, PhD

Associate Dean of the MBA Program
Operations and Production


Steven Crane, PhD

Managerial Finance 



Dariush Rafinejad, PhD

Sustainable Products and Services
Sustainable Energy Management


Cynthia Scott, PhD, MPH

Leadership for Sustainable Management




Adjunct Faculty

Nizar Abdallah, MBA, PhD

Sustainable Energy Management 


Lynne Andersson, PhD

Human Resources & Management Ethics 


Joy Amulya, EdD

Integrative MPA Capstone 


Bram Briggance, PhD



Susan Briski, MBA

Principles of Sustainable Management 


Alison Cohen, MPA

Research Methods & Policy Evaulation 


Erin Cooke, MPA

Civic Leadership, Decision-Making, & Systems Thinking
Intergrative MPA Capstone

Robert Coombs, MBA

Managerial Marketing 


Rodrigo Espinosa, MS

Managerial Marketing


Tammy Esteves, PhD

Introduction to Public Administration & Policy
Information Management, Technology & Policy


Mark Fabionar, MA

Culture, Values & Ethics


Vanessa Fry, MBA


Scott Fullwiler, PhD

Capital Markets


Beau Giannini, MBA

Integrative MBA Capstone


Allen Hershkowitz, PhD

Distinguished Visiting Scholar in Sustainable Sports Management
The Business of Sports and Sustainability


 Danielle Jarvie, MA

Quantitative Methods for Business and Public Administration


Donna LaSala, MPA

Public Sector Finance
Information Management, Technology & Policy


Thomas Li

Managerial Accounting


Martin Medeiros, MA

Micro- and Macroeconomics
Ecological Economics & Macroeconomics


Nils Moe, MBA, MS

Effective Management, Communication & Action 


Amanda Ravenhill, MBA

Principles of Sustainable Management


Carl Schneebeck, MBA

Effective Management, Communication & Action


Dan Sevall, MBA, MS


Alicia Stammer, MS

Culture, Values & Ethics


Kristin York, MBA

Sustainable Urban Development, Economics, and Policy
Implementation of Sustainable Practices