Energy presents a huge opportunity for positive impact on planet, people and profit.
Are you looking for the knowledge to lead this change?

Few sectors are as dynamic and critical to our society as energy. This industry supports the overall economy, impacts every other industry and effects climate change. PGS’s Certificate in Sustainable Energy Solutions gives you a deep understanding of the components and connections within our complex energy system. Whether you are interested in renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage or another vital component in the energy sector, our certificate will help you discover the best opportunities to make positive change.

PGS’s 12-credit, four-quarter Certificate in Sustainable Energy Solutions series may be taken as a stand-alone program or as part of one of our MBA programs. The low-residency program combines monthly Saturday in-person class sessions with weekly distance learning class sessions. Monthly class sessions are held at IslandWood, a 250-acre LEED Gold environmental education center on Bainbridge Island, Washington.

Between monthly class sessions, students attend class online and engage with faculty, guest speakers and each other through multiple distance learning technologies. This design allows students from across the United States and Canada to participate in the Certificate in Sustainable Energy Solutions program while continuing to live and work in their home communities.


The program is taught by Jimmy Jia, CEO of Distributed Energy Management, a company that enables business owners to shift wasted energy expenditures into business improvement projects. An engineer with degrees from MIT and an MBA from Oxford’s Said Business School, Jimmy is Chair of the MIT Enterprise Forum of the Northwest and is a frequent speaker on the Smart Grid.

The class features many experts representing different industries. Past guests include: Amory Lovins, Chief Scientist of the Rocky Mountain Institute; Commissioner Jeffrey Goltz, Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission; Eddy Isaac, CEO, Innovate Canada; Richard Kidd, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army (Energy & Sustainability); Steven Tobias, Director of Strategy, National Grid; Michael Pesin, Technical Advisor, Seattle City Light; Mark Laughter, Nuclear Safeguards Inspectorat IAEA.

Recent News

Energy faculty Jimmy Jia published in Harvard Business Review

Who Can Benefit

This certificate can benefit anyone grappling with energy issues: from entrepreneurs seeking to build energy-related businesses to finance and operations professionals seeking to manage their energy risk exposure. The program is designed for working professionals and includes coverage of all aspects of the energy system, including generation, transmission, consumption and pollution. The courses look at the full range of risks, opportunities and stakeholders in each element of the system.

Expected Outcomes

Students will leave this program with hard financial skills, a strong network of fellow professionals, a clear understanding of the process for getting energy projects off the ground, and the confidence to ask the right questions, gather the right information and make confident business decisions.

Recommended Sequence and Course Descriptions

SESC 561: Sustainable Energy Solutions: Understanding the Context for Change
SESC 562: Sustainable Energy Solutions: Identifying Opportunities
SESC 563: Sustainable Energy Solutions: Creating New Ventures
SESC 564: Sustainable Energy Solutions: Action Learning Practicum


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