Our Admissions Philosophy:

Bring your complete self and what you will get in return is limitless. We want to work together with you to create effective and prosperous solutions while ensuring the safety, and well-being, of humanity and our planet in the process.

While verifiable data such as GRE/GMAT scores, undergraduate GPA, work experience, and quantitative skills are important in assessing your candidacy for admission to our MBA, MPA, Dual Degree, or Certificate programs, what we are really looking for is your passion for our mission, and your clarity about how that integrates with and supports your personal mission.

Here’s how we do it:

We review your entire application.

In keeping with our academic philosophy, we take a “total systems” approach. Each component of your application is equally as important. For instance, we review quantitative skills used in your professional life and in your undergraduate studies to determine if you are prepared for the program. We weigh these components with more qualitative elements such as teamwork, self-motivation, and sustainability values to understand who you are and determine if you are, indeed, a Presidian.

Our admissions process is high-touch.

We want to make sure what you bring to your cohort and what you get out of PGS is mutually satisfying. Our goal is to ensure a good fit and we take the time and effort necessary to achieve this goal.

We offer genuine engagement.

We encourage you to join us for upcoming events and to meet the community before you commit to becoming a part of it. We offer an opportunity for you to hear firsthand about the projects our students are working on and imagine yourself a member of our thriving sustainable community.

Do you have what it takes to become a Presidian?

The key is having the courage, and determination, to meet big challenges head on and the dedication to make this world a better place.

Contact us when you are ready to apply or want to find out more. We invite you to explore your possibilities and become the change agent you want to be. Join our community of leaders, and you will learn how to create profitable solutions for a better world.

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