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Tuition, Fees & Expenses

Base tuition rates for the 2014-2015 academic year are as follows:

$31,200 per year for full-time students of our MBA, MPA or Dual Degree program (30 units per year)
$15,600 per year for part-time students of our MBA, MPA or Dual Degree program (15 units per year)

Tuition Rates:

Base Tuition - $1040 per unit. (All programs)

Courses range from 3 to 4 units. Students take anywhere from 7 to 16 units per semester.

Audit Rate - $125 per unit. (1 course maximum per semester)

Auditors will also be responsible for all fees below except HUB.

Alumni Discounted Rate - $250 per unit (Certificate programs ONLY)

Miscellaneous Fees:

HUB Membership - $350 per semester (Degree programs ONLY)

From September through May of each year all students are automatic members of Impact HUB San Francisco, a B Corp Certified co-working space in downtown San Francisco. Read more here.

Administrative Fee - $150 per semester (All programs)

The Administrative Fee covers record-keeping costs and provides student access to copyrighted material used in all academic programs.

Technology Fee - $65 per semester (All programs)

The Technology Fee covers acquisition, upgrading and/or maintenance of technology for academic and student support activities.

Classroom Materials Fee - $85 per semester (All programs)

The Classroom Materials Fee covers all in-class assessments and course readers throughout all academic programs.

Students are also responsible for their own meals, lodging and transportation during the residency weekends, and should prepare to spend an average of $50 to $150 on textbooks for each course.