Creating the Startup Tech Social Enterprise: Master Class

By Julie Noblitt (C17)


Incubating Ideas for Social Good

One of the highlights of my job as community manager for an R & D center at Benetech is the chance to witness first-hand the unfolding of technological innovation for social good, from idea, to proposal, to execution. Benetech Labs— where the Benetech team and partners prototype, iterate, and test new software-for-good applications—uses a structured framework to evaluate which projects have legs. One recent example of an idea that moved to the execution phase is a clean water project. As Presidio’s International Sustainability Club knows from their recent trip to Chile, access to water is an enormous challenge in Latin America, where 50 million people live without access to clean water due to fragmented, underfunded water distribution and sanitation services. Benetech Labs is developing mobile and web apps for local clean water organizations to enable better monitoring, evaluation, capacity building and sharing of best practices, and a pilot project in Costa Rica is now planned.

Register Now: Master Class on Creating the Startup Tech Social Enterprise

Do you have a great idea for an enterprise to make social change at scale but are unsure how to evaluate its feasibility? What if you could spend two hours with Jim Fruchterman, the founder and CEO of this successful 25-year-old Silicon Valley social enterprise that creates technological solutions in service of human rights, global literacy, and the environment? Now is your chance!

Mark your calendars now for Thursday, September 18, 2014 from 6-8pm for A Master Class on Creating the Startup Tech Social Enterprise with Jim Fruchterman. You will come away with a framework you can use to decide whether or not to move forward with an idea. And, Jim tells me that if you send him your idea in advance he might use it as a working example in the class.

Great Ideas Sometimes Begin with Exploding Rockets

Even if you don’t yet have a business or project idea, come and soak up the great wisdom that can be applied to a wide variety of projects and initiatives that focus on creating social impact at scale. For a taste of just how passionate, entertaining, and engaging a speaker Jim is, check out his TEDx talk about creating social change at scale, which includes (and I’m not kidding) an exploding rocket.

See you there!

Julie Noblitt is an MBA candidate at Presidio Graduate School and Community Manager at Benetech, a non-profit social entrepreneurial venture harnessing the power of technology for social benefit. She also chairs the Advisory Board for the Green Ninja Project. Email Julie at julie.noblitt@presidio.edu.

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  1. Meg Says Reply

    It’s great to see the tech world colliding with social good for greater impact – We will be sure to check out Jim’s TEDX Talk – Thanks for sharing!

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