Presidians graduate with the ability to solve the problems of the next 100 years.

Here’s a glimpse at how.


We are the only school of our kind. PGS offers one of the first, and highest ranked, sustainable MBAs and the only sustainable MPA in the country – both come together in our unique, fully integrated dual degree program which enables our graduates to effectively bridge the critical divide between commerce and government.

The world needs what we teach, now more than ever. There is no question that in today’s world, we need every bit of help to protect our environment and hard earned rights while also moving the world forward to new levels of prosperity. Systems level, intersectoral problem solving that reaches public administration is a tangible remedy our most pressing sustainability challenges – and teaching in this way is our contribution to the solution. 

The PGS network is powerful. Since 2002, our graduates have made their mark on sustainable management and public policy. Some have made their way into the white house and Wall Street and others are make their impact on farms, Silicon Valley and abroad. In 2016, we acquired Pinchot University (formerly Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI)) which doubled our network to 1,600 and we continue to grow.

It’s a fun place to do serious work. Although we take on some of the hardest challenges of our time, we do so among like-minded colleagues, partners and friends. Collaboration and community enable us to achieve significant results. Thanks to harnessing this key to success, Presidians also regularly get to experience the thrill and joy that comes from making a positive difference in our world.

We love the work itself and are proud to live our lives with meaning.

Together, Presidians are changing our world – for the better. Join us.

*Presidio Graduate School is an accredited non profit graduate school with top rankings for social impact and environmental sustainability.

“Our MBA and MPA programs teach all the business and public administration fundamentals you would find in an conventional school, such as operations, finance, and innovation. However at PGS, every course is taught through a sustainability lens – in our opinion, there is no other way.”

In order to make decisions that work for people, planet and profit, you must be able to understand, and work within, the context of whole systems. We give students tools to do just that.

MBA Program Foundations and MPA Program Foundations


We don’t live in a sustainable world . . . yet.

Leaders for tomorrow’s world need to know how business and policy are interdependent so that they can impact positive change.

Therefore, we equip Presidians with the interpersonal, implementation, innovation, and change-management skills they need to make pragmatic decisions in the world that we do have, so that they can transform it into the world they (and we) want to see.

Our MBA and MPA program courses are integrated, with each course connecting to and building on the others.

No silos. No fiefdoms. No blindspots.

Students extend and apply themes and methods across their courses, career development, entrepreneurial plans, experiential learning projects, and internships in private and public organizations.

A reciprocal learning community.

Our scholar-practitioner faculty blend theory and experience in their courses. Class time includes workshop exercises, dyads, quick fire sessions, dialogue, and lectures. Students co-create the curriculum with the professors, providing in-class feedback on how to improve. This provides time for integrating multiple perspectives and vibrant conversations.

As a result, our classroom experience is much richer than the typical academic experience. You kind of have to see it to believe it.


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