Whether you are considering an MBA, MPA or Certificate in Sustainable Solutins or looking to be involved with creating a more just, prosperous, and sustainable world for all, we invite you into the PGS community. Sustainability is a movement; join us now and Become the Solution.

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Become a Presidian 

Considering getting your degree in sustainable solutions? Contact our admissions department to schedule a class visit or personal consultation to experience it first-hand. Click here for upcoming admissions events.

Hire a Presidian 

Do you have an internship or open position that you’d like to share with our skilled and motivated sustainability-focused community? Please send job description and application details to careerservices@presidio.edu.

Be our friend 

Thank you for wanting to be a part of this movement. Even if a degree is not in your future, you can stay connected by completing the “get information” form here and select “Friend of PGS – Non-Student” as your program of interest to receive periodic invitations and updates from us.

Refer a friend 

We all know amazing people and even if PGS is not your path, it could be theirs! Click here to share with us someone you think would be a great fit for PGS.

Promote a Presidian! 

Give where you can 

Show PGS you appreciate our purpose and want to grow with us! Donate any amount knowing you are contributing to the future of teaching sustainable solutions to our future leaders.  

Come to our community events 

We would love you to join us at our many hosted events throughout the year in San Francisco and Seattle including panel discussions, virtual webinars, capstone and the very popular yearly sustainable product innovation fair. Join us as a guest, potential student, donor, speaker, EL partner, mentor, or sponsor. Click here for our events calendar.

Tell your story 

 Share your sustainability story with our community through the PGS blog or internal student portal.