Course Description:

This course begins with a survey of the finance area, including financial ratios; management of current assets and liabilities; liquidity; long-term capital; rate of return and net present value. The focus then moves to developing the necessary skills to be an effective financial manager. These skills include analysis of cash flow; financial planning and forecasting; and risk assessment and management. Students will explore decision-making through the capital asset pricing model, as well as construct and utilize pro forma financial statements, and assess the feasibility of projects and capital budgeting. The course will address the skills needed to be a persuasive oral and written communicator of corporate financial information. Socially responsible investment (SRI) models and the relationship between human, natural and financial capital will be examined.

This course builds on the concepts of the time value of money and introduces applications involving the valuation of bonds and stocks, and using net present value and other investment criteria to make investment decisions. The relationship between risk and return is emphasized, along with determining the cost of capital. The purpose of the course is toward developing the necessary skills to be an effective financial manager. The approaches of Social Return on Investment (SROI) will be explored in order to expand return on investment (ROI) analysis to incorporate the relationship between human, natural, and financial capital will be considered.

There are 4 units for this course, over half the course will be delivered in residency sessions (35 hours). Another approximate half (30 hours) will be delivered through distance learning. The distance learning component will be comprised of various discussion forums throughout the course on current topics, various virtual conversations, and Instructor led review sessions through a facilitated webinar using Zoom.

(4 Units)

This course has an Experiential Learning component that is combined with SUS6050: Strategy.



SUS6110: Operations & Production



Steven Crane, Ph.D.

Casey Dilloway, MBA