Course Description:

Implementation of Sustainable Practices is class focused on putting theory into action, providing an opportunity for students to integrate their skills and knowledge and apply them in an organizational setting. Calling on Presidio’s institutional learning outcomes of sustainable systems, sustainable leadership and fundamentals of business and public administration, students explore the step-by-step process for transforming a company or organization, both internally and externally considering four key strands of competency: numbers, markets, people and sustainability.
This course builds on and completes the learning begun in the Principles of Sustainable Management course. It provides preparation to students for eventual development of the sustainability component of their Capstone Project.
It also delivers advanced information on implementing sustainability in business, non-profits and governments. The course uses a variety of tools that enable practitioners to apply the concepts of such leading sustainability frameworks as Natural Capitalism, the Natural Step, and others throughout an organization. They guide the implementation of sustainability strategies into various departments and functions of a company or a community. The course presents a systemic way to drive a commitment to sustainability into an organization’s DNA, from management to communications and marketing to HR to production and operations. It takes an organization through four levels of commitment, from just having been introduced to sustainability to becoming a truly restorative organization.

(3 Units)





Kristin York, MBA