Course Description:

This course builds upon the strengths-based approach to development, introduced in the Effective Management, Communication and Action (SUS 6195) course. Students continue to build self-awareness of their leadership strengths, identify roadblocks and expand their personal effectiveness through assessment, discussion, feedback and practice in a reflective, supportive environment. The focus is on developing capacity for being authentic, strength’s-based leaders and change agents of sustainability in business organizations and society.

  • Students will examine critical experiences that have shaped their world-view to identify their own understanding of their focus on sustainable leadership.
  • Students will enhance their abilities to influence, observe and respond to conflicts experienced in their Experiential Learning Partnerships and or group projects.
  • Students will demonstrate leadership behaviors of encouraging and influencing relationships that promote positive and productive team and organizational outcomes.
  • Students will demonstrate awareness of the leadership behaviors necessary to influence organizational change in support of sustainability.
  • Students will use assessment data to understand their energy for exploring, exciting, examining and executing work.
  • Students will learn how to apply strengths based approaches in order to create resilient solutions that focus on long-term systemic strategies and outcomes.
  • Students will practice convening and facilitating highly interactive virtual environments (HIVEs) to include diverse stakeholder perspectives in decision-making and to mobilize collective action on complex problems.

(4 Units)


SUS6195: Effective Management, Communication & Action


Cynthia Scott, Ph.D., MPH

Simon Goland, Ph.D., MA