Course Description:

This foundational course presents key themes in public administration and policy. It focuses on developing increased understanding of public administration theories and on applying this information for professional growth. The course will introduce the history of public administration theory, including a discussion of key figures, theorists, and eras. Topics of both technical and practical interest such as budgeting, human resources, ethics, agenda setting, policy development, policy process, and leadership development will be introduced. The course will also introduce students to meta-narratives of public administration and discuss their importance to practice and theory.
Public administration draws its foundational knowledge from a number of fields, including political science, business, sociology, philosophy, psychology, and economics. This course will introduce the key figures and theories influencing public administration, drawing from readings from the disciplines above. It will also explore primary sources that define public administration and emerging meta-narratives forming the normative debates within the field. Each reading will be tied to public administration practice and will allow students to demonstrate problem solving skills for improving delivery of quality services to citizens.

(4 Units)




Tammy Esteves, PhD