Course Description:

This course focuses on staff management in public and nonprofit organizations. It explores ethics and decision-making in human resources development, law, hiring process, allocation, and training and considers the relationships, contracts, and structures that support human resources planning, management, and action. Students will learn theoretical concepts in the ethics of decision-making and apply those concepts to practice in public administration. The course focuses on concepts such as public service, sustainability, equity, bias, legality, liability, ethics, professionalism, labor relations, disclosure, legislation, and staff management in public administration.

Note: This course is taught using practitioner role-play. Students are expected to perform as though they are senior managers/executives in a public, private, or non-profit organization. Considerable emphasis is placed upon completing work assignments in workgroups and as part of practitioner teams. Students are expected to conduct themselves as they would in real-world workplace situations where deliverables are relied upon by other organizational systems. Late workgroup submissions will not be accepted; work teams are expected to develop and practice professional approaches to teamwork that allow project deliverables to proceed according to professional timelines, despite resource constraints and intervening priorities.


(3 Units)




Donna LaSala, MPA