Course Description

In this honors level independent study course for which registration requires faculty approval, the student will conduct research or develop a case study in sustainable management with oversight by a Presidio faculty member. The research or case study will often be targeted for publication and will often be done in collaboration with business, nonprofit, or government organizations.

Each student’s customized syllabus in this course will need to address three or more of Presidio’s MBA/MPA Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs). The student’s independent research proposal should describe how the chosen PLOs and how they correlate to the subject matter of the research or case study.

This course has no residency participation requirements. In the spirit of independent study, it is expected that the student and faculty advisor will arrange to meet either face-to-face or by phone/Skype periodically during the semester to discuss work content.

Course Application Process

Students interested in registering for this course need to take the following steps prior to 30 days before close of registration (to allow time for the Faculty Research and Case Development (RCD) Committee and faculty advisors to review applications, make decisions, and notify all applicants of results):

  1. Student submits a course proposal through the online application form.
  2. The student identifies a faculty advisor that will be available to guide the student on the project should the student’s proposal be selected.

Conditions for Acceptance into Course:

A student will not be accepted into this course if one or both of the conditions below applies:

  • There are no full time or adjunct faculty members available to oversee the research or case study project proposed by the student.
  • The student’s application score was not sufficiently high relative to competing applications (application may include sub-score based on interview only).

Course Execution Steps (following Application and Acceptance)

  1. Student completes the Independent Study Form and submits it to the Presidio Registrar
  2. Student finalizes the customized syllabus under the guidance of the faculty advisor
  3. The finalized syllabus is turned into Academic Affairs by the first residency
  4. The student executes the project plan as defined by the syllabus under the guidance of the PI before the last day of the semester