Course Description

This course will provide students with the opportunity to gain practical experience related to his/her academic area of study. Registration for this course requires faculty and administrative approval. (1 credit)

Desired Learning Outcomes

The set of Presidio MBA/MPA Curricula Program Learning Outcomes (PLOs) addressed by any given student’s practical experience will vary based on the responsibilities of the student’s position and type of organization.

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Each student’s practical experience will need to address 2-3 PLOs. In their course proposal, students must also include concepts, models, or applications from their academic experience that will be strengthened and challenged in this internship.

Course Schedule Format

The practical training must be completed within an academic semester. A minimum of 2.5 hours/week and no more than 20 hours/week during the fall and spring semesters is required for the practical experience. Students may engage in 40 hours/week during the summer term.

Eligibility Conditions for International Students

1) The student must be maintaining valid F-1 status.
2) The student must have been enrolled full-time at least one full academic year.
3) The internship/practical training experience must be related to the student’s field of study.
4) Students who have already completed all course/credit requirements for their degree are not eligible for this course.
5) Students who have applied for Pre-Completion Optional Practical Training may not enroll in this course and complete a CPT.

Course Proposal & Approval Process

Students interested in registering for this course must take the following steps 30 days prior to the beginning of a semester:

1) Create a course proposal and include the following:

a) A job description/scope of responsibilities
b) Expected start and end dates of the practical training
c) The main contact person overseeing the practical training at the company or organization
d) Detailed outline of any planned deliverables for the practical training

2) Submit a copy of the offer letter from the company or organization to Student Affairs and Career Development.
3) Confirm the participation of a full-time faculty member to oversee the course study
4) Obtain approval from the Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Career Development
5) International Students Only: Connect with Associate Director of Student Affairs and Alliant DSO to update your SEVIS status.

Course Execution Steps (following application)

1) Associate Dean of Student Affairs and Career Development recommends the CPT course to Associate Academic Deans, including a recommendation of the faculty member who will oversee the CPT course.
2) Student completes the Independent Study Form and submits it to the Presidio Registrar
3) Student finalizes the customized syllabus under the guidance of the faculty advisor
4) If approved by the Associate Academic Deans, the finalized syllabus is turned into Academic Affairs by the first residency
5) The student executes the project plan as defined by the syllabus under the guidance of the faculty advisor before the last day of the semester


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