Capital Structures and Technology for Impactful Financial Markets

Course number: FIN6320
Faculty: Chad Spitler

What students learn in this course:

  • Develop a capital stack that seeks to solve a human, social and/or environmental challenge via an entity or multi-sector coalition, mapped to investors who seek impact, profit, or both
  • Construct term sheets for financial instruments that integrate impact results
  • Learn about a wide variety of technologies, and how they can be applied in impactful financial markets
  • Design a new financial instrument or fin-tech strategy, and a pilot launch plan for 2019, such as crowd-funding a capital need for a sustainable entity or a social impact bond

About this Course:

Sustainable solutions can be financed by traditional and innovative capital structures, whether a business, civil society NGO, or government. Technological innovations, new platforms, and online communities empower organizations seeking capital to connect with a wider reach of investors, at a lower cost and with customized engagement.  This course focuses on the building blocks of financing – known as the “capital stack”—to fund the operations, expansion, and impact of entities across the business, social, and government sectors; and the technologies that enable new securities (e.g. social impact bond), structures, and sources of capital.  Students will learn how to think and act like a chief financial officer to issue securities (equity, debt, convertible, revenue-based securities) and evaluate sample “term sheets.” In addition, students will learn about tech-enabled innovations (e.g. crowd-funding, crypto-currencies, blockchain) in financial systems, processes, products, and providers.