Climate and Social Responsibility

Course Number: ECS6340
Faculty: Liz Dalton, EML

What students learn in this course:

  • Evaluation of critical infrastructures that depend on the resilience of the energy systems
  • Understanding of how energy systems are interconnected with social outcomes
  • Knowledge of the causes and consequences of global warming and climate change
  • How to create a practical view of sustainability in action
  • Understanding of stakeholders’ concerns, both direct and indirect, that are affected by climate-related decisions
  • Mitigation and equitable adaptation strategies at local, national, and global scales

About this course:

This course prepares students to assume the responsibilities of a sustainability/climate leader within a business, governmental, or nonprofit organization. We discuss the root causes of global climate change, its consequences, and the imperative corporate responsibility. We explore technological, economic, and public policy strategies for global warming mitigation, and strategies for adaptation through resilience and risk management. Students will learn the standard and emerging metrics for assessment, monitoring, and disclosure of corporate climate action plans.