Energy Systems for Sustainability

Course Number: ECS6300
Faculty: Tala Daya, PhD

What students learn in this course:

  • Knowledge of global primary energy supplies, and patterns of production, consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Understanding of electrical energy system operations and emerging distributed generation and demand management strategies
  • Energy analysis methodologies
  • Trends in renewable energy technologies including solar, wind, biofuel, and storage

About this course:

This course explores the energy technologies and systems in a framework of enduring social and environmental sustainability on a global scale. We explore alternate energy generation technologies, consumption patterns, and energy efficiency. The emphasis will be on renewable energy generation, energy storage, microgrids, and emerging system operations including smart-grid and demand management. On the consumption side, we focus on buildings and the transportation sector as the main consumers of energy and contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. We examine alternate transportation strategies for sustainability including electrification, hydrogen, and biofuels.