Climate and Social Responsibility

Course Number: ECS6340
Faculty: Jimmy Jia, MBA
What students learn in this course:
  • Understanding of global warming and climate change causes and consequences
  • The risk model of socio-economic vulnerability, exposure, and climate event severity
  • How to perform risk/opportunity analysis and stakeholder materiality assessment
  • Standards and measurements to assess climate action plans.
  • Mitigation and equitable adaptation strategies at local, national, and global scales; and how to prioritize resource allocation.
About this course:

This course prepares the students for the roles and responsibilities of a sustainability/climate leader within a business, governmental, or non-profit organizations. We discuss the causes of global climate change and its consequences in a risk model. We explore the technological, economic and public policy strategies for global warming mitigation, and for adaptation through building resilience and managing risk. Students will learn the standards and emerging metrics for assessment, monitoring, and disclosure of climate action strategies by corporations and governments. This course also includes a field study project that students carry out with a company or local government entity to deep-dive in a mitigation or adaptation challenge and to identify alternate solutions.

Units:  4
Pre-requisite: None
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