Emerging Technology-to-Market

Course Number: INN6340
What students learn in this course:
  • Overview of emerging technologies and holistic assessment of their short and long-term contributions to human well-being
  • How to evaluate the market potential of new technologies and to create a market-fit map by application and technological attributes
  • The technology-policy-capital triangle as an adoption framework
About this course:

Technological innovation is ubiquitous.  The constantly fast pace creates opportunities challenges for leaders in both the business and public sectors. This course reviews the concepts and models practiced by leading innovation thought leaders spanning the creation and adoption of new ideas. Students will explore market opportunities and sustainability potential of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence in a dynamic project-based environment under the mentorship of professionals with deep subject matter expertise. The students will examine alternate technology-to-market strategies and the necessary policy, capital, and supply-chain infrastructure for successful market adoption.

Units:  4
Pre-requisites: None
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