Global Energy Markets and Policy

Course Number: ECS6320
Faculty: Dariush Rafinejad, PhD and Nizar Abdallah, PhD, MBA
What students learn in this course:
  • The market transformation created by changing technology, capital structures, and policy in both the energy and transportation sectors.
  • The global, national, and local energy policy instruments and adoption drivers
  • Business models for renewable energy generation and energy efficiency solutions.
  • The economics and market adoption of alternative transportation technologies and system designs.
About this course:

In this course, we examine the evolution of the energy markets and regulatory environment in the US and the world vis-a-vis environmental sustainability, economic development, and national security considerations. We explore the economics and market potential of renewable energy technologies and assess alternative strategies for market penetration of renewable sources and efficiency solutions. Students complete a field study project in collaboration with a partner organization in the private, public, or non-profit sector to explore contemporary drivers of energy policy, investment strategy, and climate action initiatives.

Units:  4
Pre-requisite:  None
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