Innovative Organizations – Intrapreneurship

Course Number: INN6320
Faculty: Darisuh Rafinejad, PhD
What students learn in this course:
  • Why the innovative spirit of founders fades as organizations grow
  • How to create the culture and business processes that promote innovativeness within established organizations.
  • How to be an intrapreneur within a medium-to-large size organization
About this course:

In this course, we explore leadership strategies and tactics to create and maintain an entrepreneurial mindset and culture of creativity in an established organization. Through multiple case studies and lectures by leading experts, students will examine the best intrapreneurial practices at innovative firms. They learn the impact of organizational culture and operational processes on the freedom to experiment and to create opportunities for sustainable development. Students will carry out an Experiential Learning (EL) project to learn the impediments to innovation within medium-to-large organizations and to explore strategies to overcome them. Students will also have an opportunity to apply their change-management skills acquired in the PGS leadership courses to advise the EL partners.

Units: 4
Pre-requisite: None
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