Capstone: Fieldwork Implementation Practicum

Course Number: MSS6340
Faculty: Donna LaSala, MPA

What students learn in this course:

  • How gender, age, faith, ethnicity, and other socioeconomic factors influence the dynamic of working with clients, agency staff, and other stakeholders
  • Awareness of the needs of diverse populations, the challenges of providing appropriately matched services, and solutions for how to improve overall service value and delivery
  • How to implement sustainable civic leadership practices such as Human Resources case analyses, legislative updates, Strategic IT Planning, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) development, Business Process Improvement (BPI), Work-Life Balancing, and Project Management in an agency environment

About this Course:

This course is a master’s level seminar delivered as a small group educational opportunity to engage in critical thinking, discussion, and exploration of theory, practice, and policy while immersed in an accredited field practicum experience. Throughout the course, students have an opportunity to integrate the academic knowledge and values taught in foundation courses with their field placement experiences. Also, the seminar provides a forum for learning and building practical skills through interaction, self-reflection, role-play, case discussion, and other experiential exercises.

Units: 4

Pre-requisite: SUST6100: Systems, Sustainability, and Social Justice, or written permission of the instructor.