Leadership in a Social Context

Course Number: MPA6111 
Faculty: Loretta Ross and Andrea Prebys-Williams

During this course, students will:

  • Analyze the principles of anti-racist public service, human rights standards and their application, and servant leadership in public and non-profit sectors. 
  • Explore theoretical foundations, historical context, working definitions to support civic engagement, civic leadership, and community organizing in pursuit of the common good.  
  • Develop a statement of purpose that defines personal commitments and passions for anti-racist and liberatory servant leadership.   
  • Demonstrate integrity and humility through emotionally intelligent transformational strategies.  
  • Examine concepts and tools for aligning ethics, calling in social justice practices, risk-taking, and continuous learning in diverse communities and decision-making paradigms. 
  • Create and manage effective teams that collaborate with diverse stakeholders for social justice. 

About this Course:

This course explores leadership and capacity-building aimed at systems-wide transformation. Both individual and collective responsibility are examined as the underpinning of effective public service in a democratic society. This course also focuses on leaders’ personal development, knowing their passion and honing skills for humility, listening, empathy, and emotional intelligence. Students will look at responsibility for authenticity, accepting responsibility, and doing the right thing under difficult circumstances. Furthermore, skills for creating and managing effective teams that collaborate with diverse stakeholders are developed though team projects and case studies. We also critically examine the social and political structures that contribute to the current understanding of leadership and the ways that this understanding may reinforce systems of domination, such as patriarchy and white supremacy. The principles of anti-racism, sustainability, and social justice guide the leadership practice and decision-making.