MPA Program Foundations

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The MPA curriculum rests on three program foundations that empower students to serve the public with empathetic leadership, build effective public policy and administration, and create social systems for justice and well-being.

Our Approach

These foundations are embedded within our program design to ensure our curriculum prepares students to reimagine and redesign equitable systems, policies, and organizations.

Graduates will leave prepared to innovate within the social sector on critical issues like climate change, urban planning, and racial inequities. They will be equipped to work with diverse stakeholders and community members to collaborate and coalesce around equitable solutions. They will build a deep understanding of the strengths and current challenges facing democracies around the world, and they will develop the hard skills needed to reinforce policies and structures that will lead us forward.

We’ve thoughtfully designed our program to equip graduates to provide a different kind of leadership in the public and nonprofit sphere, and we welcome our first inaugural cohorts to join us in reimagining what is possible.