MPA Curriculum

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program at Presidio Graduate School consists of 12 required courses. Each course is designed to build on previous coursework and integrate with concurrent courses. The curriculum is designed around three program foundations.

First Term Classes

SUST6100: Systems, Sustainability, and Social Justice

SUST6110: Accounting

SUST6140: Data Analytics

LDR6100: Personal Development and Communication

Second Term Classes

SUST6120: Economy and Society – Governance and Business

MSS6220: Market Failures and the Regulatory Environment

MSS6240: Research Methods and Policy Evaluation

LDR6200: Leadership and Team Performance

Third Term Classes

MSS6200: Civic Leadership, Diversity, and Systems Thinking

MSS6300: Multisector Strategic Partnerships and Sustainable Partnerships

MSS6320: Planning, Policy, and Sustainable Economic Development

MSS6360: The Fundamentals and Future of Public Administration

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning (EL) is a key part of our educational program. Students are paired with an organization and work with them over the course of a semester on a specific project. Through this living case study methodology, students gain practical experience applying the skills and concepts learned in class and gain relevant work experience to support career development. MPA students may work with the same EL partner over several semesters. EL projects are a required component of the following courses:

  • MSS6200: Civic Leadership, Diversity, and Systems Thinking
  • MSS6240: Research Methods and Policy Evaluation
  • MSS6340: Capstone: Implementation and Fieldwork Practicum