Multisector Strategic Partnerships & Financial Solutions

Course Number: MSS6300 | FIN6340
Instructors: Megan Morrice, MBA
What students learn in this course:
  • Knowledge of the primary components, contracts, and financial instruments used in multi-sector collaborations
  • How to identify critical assumptions, institutional structures, concepts and paradigms across government, civil society, and business sectors
About this Course:

Financial, environmental, and social sustainability requires interdependent public, nonprofit, and private solutions. Building effective collaboration requires leaders to understand the distinct institutional systems, mission imperatives, and contracting structures of each sector. This course provides an overview of successful and innovative governance, financing, implementation, and evaluation tools used for partnerships across government, civil society, and business. Students will apply their learning to propose a strategic and implementable multisector solution to a current challenge with measurable results.

Units: 4
Pre-requisites: None
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