Planning, Policy, and Sustainable Economic Development

Course Number: MSS6320
Faculty: Kristin York, MBA, and Jeremy Nelson

What students learn in this course:

  • How to apply systems thinking to solve problems of environmental, social, and human sustainability in urban and rural communities
  • How to translate policy and economic theory to design and plan for change in sustainable development practice and implementation
  • An understanding of public financing mechanisms and public-private partnerships
  • The relationship of public administration policy and economics to ethical decision-making and social justice as it pertains to urban or rural development decision making and impacting the public good

About this course:

The systemic aspects of economics and policy driving sustainable development are the focus of this course.  Students will understand the interdependence of community groups and the theoretical and practical perspectives useful for community planning, development, coalition building, environmental politics, local government leadership, and sustainable development. Throughout the semester, students are exposed to literature from economic development, policy design, sustainable development, and land use and transportation planning to deepen their theoretical knowledge. This course also covers master planning, strategic planning, sustainable development, policy process and evaluation, civic education and leadership, and citizen participation in government.  It explores global issues in both an urban and rural context.