The financial benefits of decisions are important, but just part of the equation. The bottom line is that an MBA or MPA in sustainable solutions is the means to dramatically improve strategy, stakeholder value and create wealth for individuals, organizations, and communities. Teaching through a sustainability lens means accomplishing these goals and meeting these objectives in a manner that minimizes future risks while optimizing and restoring economic, environmental and social impact and value

Today’s top challenges are complex.

There are few, if any, major efforts in one area that don’t have consequences that affect another. Our systems-thinking approach views business and government as an integrated whole and designs solutions that account for human, economic and environmental concerns to create a sustainable and prosperous bottom line.

PGS embeds sustainability into every course. Through our leading Experiential Learning program, students apply sustainability and social responsibility frameworks and methods to real cases in large and small companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

At Presidio Graduate School, we see opportunities for innovation and impact at the intersection of environmental, economic and social systems. We have a comprehensive leadership and management framework for rethinking everything from designing more sustainable, healthy and affordable products and services to applying the power of business and policy in order to address global issues such as poverty, ecosystem degradation, and human rights.

The residencies in our hybrid format are taught in San Francisco. You also choose the length of time you wish to take for your education, full time or part-time.

A Sustainable Management degree from PGS provides the means to see and act on opportunities for innovation and impact that improve our economies, our environment, and our society.