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Deadlines for Admissions and Scholarship Applications: 

Apply Early! Scholarships are not guaranteed for final deadline applicants and are only granted if funds are still available. Certificate program candidates may qualify for financial aid, however, they are not eligible for PGS scholarships. Newly admitted full-time students are given first priority for all scholarships over part-time students and returning students. For more information on scholarships and financial aid, please visit our financial aid and scholarship pages.

PGS has a fall start for all programs in Seattle and San Francisco.


*All submitted applications after this date will be considered with next round applicants.

**All submitted applications after this date will be considered on a rolling basis until July 15th.

PGS has a Spring start in San Francisco only.


*All submitted applications after this date will be considered with next round applicants.

**All submitted applications after this date will be considered on a rolling basis until January 15th.

Degree & Certificate Program Application Requirements:

Thank you for your interest in applying to Presidio Graduate School. Applicants for admission to all programs at Presidio Graduate School are required to satisfy the following requirements*:
1. Meet Admissions application deadlines for your program. 

 See chart above for upcoming deadlines.

2. Complete the online application. 
Complete the online application form here.

Presidio Graduate School used a secure application portal through the Populi platform. You will first be instructed to provide your basic information: name, address, phone, email, start term and location of study. Once you submit this initial form, an email will be sent to you with a unique URL to access the remaining questions of the secure application and allow you to upload your documents directly into the application. The answers you provide through the application and uploaded documents will be saved automatically and you will have the ability to return to the application at any time by accessing your unique URL to change your answers, ask questions, upload your documents, pay your application fee, and submit your completed application. We recommend you complete your application within two weeks of submitting the initial form.

3. Pay the $50 application fee. 
Application Fee:

A non-refundable $50 application fee is required for applying to all programs. This fee can be paid via credit card directly through the secure application portal prior to submitting your completed application.

4. Submit your personal essay. 

In other sections of this application, we learn about your academic and professional accomplishments. This essay allows us to discover what passion drives you as a leader towards career satisfaction and your definition of success. Please provide a response to the three following prompts and limit your essay to a total of 1500 words:

  • Values: Sustainability is a broad term that spans across a variety of industries. In your specific area of interest, current or future, briefly describe an idea or project you would like to pursue while at PGS and/or how you intend to contribute to solutions to the biggest challenges facing our society.
  • Teamwork: Describe a specific activity, business, or organization in which you were directly involved as a leader, collaborator, or activist. What challenges did you face, how did you resolve them, what did the experience reveal as strengths and where did you discover opportunities for improvement?
  • Time Management: Commitment to a graduate program at PGS requires sacrifices, support, and self-motivation. Please share how you plan on balancing school, work, and personal commitments while enrolled in the program.
5. Upload a recent resumé/CV. 

Your professional resumé or CV provides PGS with a clear picture of experience and skills that contributes to your qualification for an MBA program at PGS. Please include both employment and relevant volunteer experience. For applicants that are considering pivoting their career path, this resume will be used to assist the student, if admitted, to utilize past experience and skills towards a new direction.

6. Submit your quantitative requirement. 

Applicants must submit one or more of the following four options to complete the quantitative requirement:

  1. GMAT official test results taken within the last five years (Code: Presidio Graduate School.) or
  2. GRE official test results taken within the last five years (Presidio Graduate School’s Code: 7838.); and/or
  3. Upload a one-page quantitative history and assessment to your application describing your skills, abilities, and experience. List all college-level quantitative math courses taken and grades received; e.g. algebra, statistics, economics, finance, accounting. Include examples of your quantitative and analytical skills that you have or currently use in your professional career; e.g. creation of excel spreadsheets, budgeting, data analysis, cost forecasting. Proof of any additional courses you have taken or are planning to take for refreshing your math/quantitative skills prior to enrolling in a PGS degree program; e.g. Khan Academy, excel workshops, certificates. and/or
  4. official test results over 80% in all areas.

Please note: PGS does not have minimum score requirements for the GMAT or GRE. Your scores will be used as a diagnostic tool to help determine readiness for the program. The Admissions Committee may request the completion of quantitative courses such as Intermediate Algebra and/or Statistics prior to matriculation.

7. Submit two letters of support. 
Two Letters of Support and Recommendation:

PGS welcomes professional and academic letters of support that provide a well-rounded perspective of your ability to succeed at PGS. At least one of the two letters should be a professional reference, ideally written by a supervisor.

As part of the application online form, you will be required to enter an email address and a recommendation form will automatically be sent directly to the recipient. The recipient then has the option of completing the form or directly uploading a letter of support into the form. The form and/or letter should address the following areas:

  • How you act on your values and ethics
  • Your ability to work in teams, lead initiatives and manage projects
  • Your communication skills
  • Your business software and IT skills
  • Your ability and willingness to succeed in graduate-level coursework
8. One official, sealed transcript. 

Please submit at least one official transcript via mail or electronic download sent directly from the college/university verifying you have completed an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution. Transcripts must also include Grade Point Average (GPA) for each course and overall program cumulative GPA (cGPA). If your cGPA is below 2.75 you will be required to complete a GPA explanation form. Contact if you require this form. Additional official or unofficial transcripts and certification documentations can be sent in support your application and verification of your quantitative assessment submission.

Please send all transcripts to or mail to:

Presidio Graduate School Admissions Department
1202 Ralston Avenue, Suite 300
The Presidio of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 94129

If your bachelor’s degree was conferred from an institution outside of the United States, you must have the transcript(s) evaluated by a foreign education credential evaluation service agency such as: If the transcripts are not in English, an official translation must also be submitted. The evaluation must be sent to PGS via email or mail (see addresses above) and contain the following:

*Degree equivalency to a 4-year bachelor’s degree from an accredited U.S. university
*U.S. semester credit and grade equivalent for each course and cumulative GPA on a 4.0 scale.

9. Admissions Interview 

You will be invited for a virtual interview after submitting your application. This meeting will be 30 minutes and will give you an opportunity to ask questions before a final decision is made on your admissions application. Interviews are designed as a mutual conversation where our discussion focuses on three essential questions:

  • Are you prepared to succeed in this program?
  • Does this program fit your academic and career goals?
  • What distinctive talents, skills, and expertise do you bring to our community?


 All required documents should be uploaded directly into your application, emailed to, or mailed to:

Presidio Graduate School Admissions Department

1202 Ralston Avenue, Suite 300
The Presidio of San Francisco
San Francisco, CA 94129

*Applicants of the Coop Management Certificate in Seattle may be eligible for an exception waiver to some of the above requirements. Please contact the PGS Admissions Team for more information.

*International students are only eligible to apply to the Seattle Metro MBA in Sustainable Business program and must submit financial verification documents in addition to the above requirements. 


Additional Important Admissions Information

Diversity and Inclusion

Diverse opinions, backgrounds, and life experiences create a dynamic learning community and are what makes the classroom experience unique and personal. PGS is committed to increasing our community’s diversity of (but not limited to) race, ethnicity, religion, age, gender, nation of origin, socio-economic status, sexual orientation and physical ability.

International Applicants

Presidio Graduate School is authorized to grant I-20 forms to eligible non-immigrant students in the Seattle Metro MBA in Sustainable Business program ONLY, which then may qualify those students for “Academic Student” (F) visa status. Prior to receiving an I-20 form, international students must submit a Declaration of Finances Form which certifies that they have sufficient funds to cover a full year of expenses, including tuition and living expenses. Enrollment in PGS Hybrid MBA in Sustainable Systems, Seattle Certificate programs, San Francisco Hybrid MBA, MPA, Dual degree and Certificate programs in Sustainable Management do not currently qualify an individual for “Academic Student” (F) status.

Further information on requirements for international students, including documentation for the additional application requirements F1 Student Visa eligibility and for (TOEFL) English language proficiency test can be found on the PGS International Student Information page.

Priority Admissions

Priority “early admit” applicants to whom we offer admittance will be invited to special events and gain access to the virtual student portal to begin building connections with their classmates and the larger Presidio Graduate School community. The earlier you submit your application, the sooner you will receive a decision.

Additional Information on Admissions Deadlines

Once a published deadline has passed, applications to all programs are accepted on a rolling basis through the start of the term. PGS strongly recommends that you complete the application process early. Late applications are accepted on a case-by-case basis depending on availability and when a program reaches capacity, admitted students will be wait-listed for the next available start term.

Accounting Prerequisite

Most accepted students to the MBA, MPA, and Dual degree programs are required to complete a prerequisite online financial accounting course prior to the start of the term. This course will be valuable in preparing the student for the expectations of the program and can be used as a reference tool for the student.

Questions? Please contact: 415-655-8912 or

NOTE: Applicants should keep copies of all materials submitted as part of the admissions application. Admissions materials and all supporting documents become the confidential property of the Presidio Graduate School admissions department and cannot be returned to the applicant.

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