April Residency 2013


By Rachel Fus, Communications Manager

Published 4.24.13


Residency this past weekend was abuzz with an assortment of presentations, guest speakers, and special events.

Members of the Presidio Social Capital Committee started the festivities early with eight days of events leading up to Earth Day. From a Meditation Hike in Wunderlich Park to a presentation and discussion with the Great Place to Work Institute, Sustainable Happiness Week provided community members with the tips and tools to live a more sustainable life.

On the third night of residency, as is PGS tradition, a community event was held for all current students, faculty, staff, and alumni. This month the event was hosted in conjunction with the Sustainable Food Club. Club chairs Sarah Cabell and Inna Volynskaya arranged for special guest (and Capstone project turned real-life venture) Tomato Sherpa, who served a delicious polenta bolognese with glasses of fresh-squeezed lemonade.

"The feedback I received on the event was overwhelmingly positive. We couldn't get people to leave!" said Sarah in an email to students and staff organizers. "It was fun to go out with a bang."

After a short speech from Preisido Alumna and Tomato Sherpa Co-founder Stacey Waldspurger, candidates for Student Representatives took center stage with short presentations about who they were and why they should be elected. Voting ends Friday at midnight.

Many thanks to all our guest speakers this residency:

- Sara Broadbent, CSR Director at Avaya
- Audrey Davenport, Energy & Sustainability at Google & former faculty at Presidio
- Susan Orenstein, Sustainability Communications Consultant & Presidio alum
- Bill Peterson, New Resource Bank
- Prof. Mellie Pullman, Portland State University
- Julie Sammons, Biomimicry
- Mark Sutton, Analyst at Northern California Community Loan Fund & Presidio alum
- Nick Yiangou, Senior Web Manager at Adobe

You can check out photos from residency on our flickr page.

Rachel Fus, Communications Manager

Rachel Fus is the Communications Manager at Presidio Graduate School. She’s sad that she is no longer able to eat gluten, but it’s okay because she gets to eat cheese.

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