Bay Area Biomimicry Network Celebrates 1st Anniversary


By Sonya Kendall, Associate Director of Engagement

Published 6.26.12


Julie Sammons was nominated as our Featured Alum for her outstanding work founding and evolving the Bay Area Biomimicry Network, which celebrates its one year anniversary this month. Julie's grounded and open leadership have been a valuable asset to the Bay Area Biomimicry community. The Bay Area Biomimicry Network has been a model and inspiration to other biomimicry networks globally. Julie is the embodiment of a PGS graduate applying all they've learned in the program to evolve our current structures towards more sustainable ones and create better futures.

As a Presidio student, Julie wrote Capstone Business Plan on consumer-facing social marketplace for smart grid technologies and provided course-based consulting work for Williams-Sonoma, Inc., Mattel, Inc., AAA Northern California, Nevada County, and Herman Miller.

In her post-Presidio career, Julie is a biologist who "brings business to life" by applying nature's principles to drive insight and innovation. Drawing on 3.8 billion years of organic research and development on planet Earth, she uses biological forms, functions, and patterns to inspire adaptive problem-solving. Julie applies strategies from biology, ecology, permaculture, and scientific inquiry to help organizations learn, evolve, and thrive in increasingly complex environments. Her work has been featured in and she is a frequent speaker on biomimicry, nature-inspired design, and the interplay between biological and business systems. 

Julie's career progressed from engineering billions of bacteria to attracting millions of media hits. Starting as a microbiologist tracking the spread of infectious diseases, she found her niche spreading infectious information while cultivating more than 1,000 strategic partnerships to drive organizational growth. She holds degrees in microbiology and sustainable business management, with ten years’ experience in media and communications strategy.

In addition to her role as co-founder and director of the Bay Area Biomimicry Network, Julie advises bio-curious startups, and educates organizations about design strategies from living systems. In addition to the links above, you can learn more about Julie's work and even see some photos of her in action on the facebook page for the Bay Area Biomimicry here.

Sonya Kendall, Associate Director of Engagement

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