BetterWorld Wireless is a mobile company that believes in the transformative power of people and technology. Offering the latest mobile services to customers throughout the U.S., and on a mission to make positive impact with mobile around the world, we donate a mobile device for every new customer, with the goal of breaking cycles of poverty by creating pathways to prosperity.

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“The caliber of PGS students, their process, and work product is exceptional. I highly recommend this program for companies looking to extend or enhance their CSR and sustainability.”
-Amy Tucker, Co-Founder and Chief Impact Officer

Project Executive Summary

This project dealt with a startup mobile service provide exploring a cloud-based, impact-giving platform business opportunity, currently called ‘Purple’. Purple aims to bridge the gap between the social impact of technology and civic engagement through wireless mobile devices.

For the company, Purple could enable greater market penetration, allow for greater scalability of the business and social impact, and diversify revenue streams. For the customer (i.e., mobile service providers), Purple could enhance customer stickiness thus reducing subscriber churn, attract new conscious consumers, and decrease marketing budgets.

After an in-depth strategic (assessed through scenario planning, SWOT analysis, and a visioning exercise) and financial analysis of the Purple giving platform, the following recommendations were generated:

  1. It is recommended that BWW pursue development of the Purple platform, starting July 1, 2015. This timeframe would allow the next six months for capital fundraising and growth of BWW’s existing MVNO business. This recommendation is supported by the high valuation and profitability potential based on financial projections. In addition, the Purple platform demonstrates the potential to generate exponential positive impact through the 80% of revenue allocated to giving.
  2. It is recommended for BWW to invest in market research to better understand which social causes will deliver the biggest value to their potential customers. Social Value Index ™ can be used for this purpose. The cost of this research will split between BWW’s MVNO business and the Purple platform since the findings will be mutually beneficial.
  3. Based on financial projections, it is recommended that Purple pivot away from the established MVNO phone4phone giving model and pursue a more diversified giving approach. This giving approach would focus on one cause per fiscal quarter (e.g. education, health, girls, clean water, agriculture).
  4. It is recommended that BWW develop the approach to measure and track the impact of the Purple platform in order to gain credibility of its value. Creating Impact Reporting Standards will enable BWW to establish strategically aligned nonprofit partners who will be able to report on robust impact metrics. BWW will then be able to engage Purple supporters with authentic, transparent feedback loops based on meaningful stories.