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Alexandra Jamieson

As the best-selling author of "Women, Food & Desire" and "Getting To Hell Yes" and co-creator and co-star of the Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size Me, Alexandra Jamieson is a highly-sought-after success mentor and motivational guide for thousands. Alex has made it her mission to empower womxn to create epic lives–by honoring their desires and kicking shame and fear to the curb. She co-authored her latest book "Radical Alignment" with her husband Bob Gower.


3 Keys to Resilient Leadership


The uncertainty of the past year has been profoundly disruptive. 2020 demonstrated the fragility of some of our most important institutions and it also showed us how resilient and resourceful we can be individually and together Chaotic moments can also be times of clarity and many of us have found a renewed sense of focus …

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