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Clair Baca

Clair is the Associate Vice President of Institutional and Student Effectiveness at Presidio Graduate School. She has worked in higher education for over 15 years, primarily in the areas of student services, institutional research, and accreditation and compliance. Clair has undergraduate degrees in English and philosophy, a master's degree in leadership, and is currently pursuing her doctor of education. She's passionate about education, social justice, and women's issues. Clair lives in Southern California with her partner, teenage son, and four very spoiled cats.


Sustaining an MBA Designed for Impact

Student Experience

To many people the word “assessment” doesn’t inspire much excitement or enthusiasm. But I love assessment and I think you should, too! Assessment is definitely about research and measuring, but it’s also about reflection, curiosity, and values. It doesn’t just tell us how we’re doing, it asks us to think about what we value and …

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