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Jane Kuhn

Jane Kuhn (MBA Candidate, C32) spent 10 years as an Organic produce farmer, with permanently dirty fingernails and grease stains on every pair of overalls. Her B.S. in Sociology and Advanced Certificate in Ecological Horticulture have shaped her strong focus on soil health and small business vitality. After starting her MBA, she began working with Stonyfield Organic on advancing their sustainable agriculture strategy for reducing GHG emissions. Jane is passionate about leveraging food & ag businesses as catalysts for the advancement of an ecologically sound and socially just food system.

sorghum crop growing

Revisit Presidio’s Sustainable Food Group November Panel: Direct Relationships Between CPGs and Farmers Bolsters Resilience, Innovation, and Climate Action

Community, Student Experience

Earlier this month, Presidio’s Sustainable Food Group hosted a robust panel discussion exploring how direct relationships between CPG (consumer packaged goods) companies and farmers can serve to bolster resilience, innovation, and climate action. It was a dynamic, informative discussion that could have lasted well beyond our hour-long panel! We invite you to revisit some of …

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