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Rebecca Roebber, MBA

Rebecca Roebber, founder of Rebel Rose Consulting works with mission driven organizations to strategically and holistically align themselves towards greater sustainable impact. With over a decade in the bean-to-bar chocolate industry and as a board member of The Chain Collaborative her focus has always been on supporting the livelihoods of people in the global supply chain. Rebecca will be graduating with an MBA in December 2020.

Asking Meaningful Questions: Using a Systems-Thinking Lens to Address Complex Consulting Projects

Community, Student Experience

The way questions are framed, the order in which they are delivered, and the tone of voice used to ask them are all part of the delicate art of asking questions. Good questions inspire change, challenge mindsets, and create bridges. As part of the PGS Consults team, my colleagues and I are tasked with understanding …

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Jamee Herbert and Audra Jung BridgeCare Founders

Alumni Helping Working Parents with Innovative Childcare Finance


Jamee Herbert helps make paying for childcare expenses more manageable for working parents. Her company, BridgeCare Finance, offers payment plans designed to help families provide for pre-kindergarten learning and childcare needs. “It’s a meaty challenge to address, and finance is an important part of solving the issue,” says Jamee.  She launched the business with the help …

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The Collective: Thriving on Community


Collecting at The Collective PGS gathered together on November 14 for the Bring Your Values to Work, in a stunning space generously provided The Collective, a shared working space co-founded by Alum Alex Mondau. The Collective exists because of Alex’s vision. He noticed that Seattle lacked gathering spaces, places to share ideas and to collaborate. …

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Kawayan Collective: Elevating Bamboo as a Modern Building Material in the Philippines

Sustainability, Community

Importing building materials can be costly and has created a shortage of millions of affordable homes in the Philippines. Bamboo grows wild all over the islands, but very few companies have undertaken commercial processing of the material … yet. Kawayan Collective collects, treats, and distributes durable Filipino bamboo. It is a social enterprise that provides …

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Mona Das

Mona Das brings System Thinking, Sustainability, and Representation to the Washington State Senate

Sustainability, Social Justice, Community

Mona Das (D-Kent), is a newly elected Washington State Senator and a Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI – now Presidio Graduate School) alumna. Das brings systems thinking and a passion for sustainability and representation to the Washington State Senate. She has introduced 11 bills to the legislature so far. Das enjoys meeting and learning from constituents. …

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Culture Bites Brings PGS Culture to the Business World, One Bite at A Time


The environment that surrounds you at work is culture. You might not be able to see it, but know it is there. Successful leaders are careful to spend time thinking about how to encourage employee contributions to workplace culture. Alumni from Presidio Graduate School (PGS) launched Culture Bites, a start-up to help companies have these …

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