Eva Auchincloss

Eva Auchincloss (Board member Emeritus) was Associate Publisher of a women’s sports publishing company and Founding Executive Director of the Women’s Sports Foundation, as well as a principal of Auchincloss & Turner.  A delegate to the U.S. Olympic Committee, she has served on numerous board such as the Foundation of the California Bar Association, Junior League, Lifeplan Center, and the International Diplomacy Council of San Francisco. She is also co-founder of SF Village and a graduate of Vassar College. Click here to learn about Eva’s role on the Board of Directors and the inspiration for the award.

The Enterprise Vanguard Award or EVA was inspired by Founding Board Member, super supporter and donor Eva Auchincloss. When the time came for her to retire, the Board of Directors chose to honor her many contributions and love of the students and alumni through the annual EVA. When asked what kept her working so passionately for the School over these many years and challenges she responded:

“Helping to empower all of you to make the world a better place and send ripples out to grow to waves.”

What is the EVA?

The award is given out to an individual or team of individuals, who through their endeavor(s) have achieved significant impact in the field of sustainability. This impact whether through business, non-profit or government has advanced a lasting shift or ripple effect either geographically or by disrupting an industry or practice.

How are recipients selected?

Each year, Alumni from both the San Francisco and Seattle Campuses nominate their fellow Alumni whose work embodies the definition of the award. Following the six week call for nominations, upon close inspection of all nominations, a multi-stakeholder task force chooses the annual recipient using the following criteria rating system:

  • The extent of Impact of endeavor/enterprise
  • Endeavor/enterprise propels the paradigm shift to sustainability/regeneration in operations of business, nonprofit, or government
  • Demonstrates leadership, whole systems thinking and creativity in combining impact in both social and environmental justice.
  • Effects across disciplines or sectors with potential to effect change exponentially
  • Engaged with Presidio Graduate School through presentations, mentoring and hiring of students and other alumni, utilizes the Experiential Learning Program through contacts and company advice.


2018 EVA Honoree

Jacob Park

Director, Sustainable Futures Lab at BSR (Business for Social Responsibility)

Jacob is a futurist and the Director of the Sustainable Futures Lab at BSR, a global business network and consultancy that develops sustainable business strategies. Previously, Jacob was the Principal Sustainability Advisor at Forum for the Future.

Using strategic foresight methodologies such as scenario planning with businesses and multi-stakeholder groups, Jacob helps to create more sustainable and resilient organizations and system change. In his work, he combines creative insight with analytical rigor and a spirit of pragmatic optimism.

Jacob has a well-developed intersectoral perspective from a wide range of projects around the world including work in the apparel, fisheries management, and retail sectors. Past clients include Levi Strauss & Co, the Rockefeller Foundation, Target, Unilever, and the Outdoor Industry Association.

He is a regular speaker on sustainability and futures topics at conferences such as SXSW Eco and Net Impact, and guest lectures at universities including The New School and Goldsmiths, University of London.

These days Jacob is particularly excited about biologically-inspired innovations that actively regenerate our human and natural systems, as well as the use of technology to promote more inclusive and equitable business models.

Past Honorees

Natasha Lamb (2017)

Director of Equity Research and Shareholder Engagement and a Portfolio Manager at Arjuna Capital

Natasha is the Director of Equity Research and Shareholder Engagement and a Portfolio Manager at Arjuna Capital. Natasha integrates Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors into Arjuna’s investment process while engaging major corporations to improve their performance through shareholder advocacy. Previously, Natasha was Vice President, Shareholder Advocacy and Corporate Engagement, and an Equity Analyst at Trillium Asset Management. Natasha has been profiled in Forbes and the Boston Globe, while her work has been featured in Rolling Stone, the Economist, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times, as well as on NPR and CNN. Her 2014 landmark negotiation with Exxon Mobil led to the company’s first public report on global warming and carbon asset risk. She teaches sustainable investing at Presidio Graduate School and holds an M.B.A in Sustainable Business from Pinchot University. 

Meg Burrit (2017)

Food industry leader, advisory board member, and general food systems expert

Meg pioneered the first sustainability program at Raley’s, taking on a leadership role spanning three core competencies: Sustainability Strategy, Wellness Strategy and Natural Foods P&L Management. She developed and deployed a corporate sustainability strategic plan, engaging teams from across Raley’s to execute one plan and helped publish the company’s first annual CSR report. Meg initiated sustainable food partnerships, including sponsoring urban farms and encouraging food literacy in local schools. She helped reduce the overall waste stream, including a transition to anaerobic bio-digester for organic waste and improved recycling procedures and capabilities. She also spearheaded the installation of electric car charging stations at corporate office and stores. Meg was an Aspen Institute Fellow and has served on the PGS Alumni Association board. 

Nils Moe (2016)

Managing Director at Urban Sustainability Directors Network

Nils is the Managing Director of the Urban Sustainability Directors Network (USDN). In this role, Nils oversees this rapidly evolving North American network of over 145 cities representing more than 80 million people. USDN fosters collaborating on local innovations for sustainability and supports its members who are on the front lines of addressing the issues surrounding climate change, preparedness and social sustainability.  This past year, USDN also launched the Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance – a collaboration of vanguard international cities committed to achieving aggressive long-term carbon reduction goals. Previously, Nils was the Mayor’s Senior Aide and Sustainability Advisor for the City of Berkeley and was one of the founding team members responsible for creating Berkeley’s innovative solar financing program, which has since become a national model of renewable energy financing (PACE). Last but not least, Nils has enjoyed co-teaching EMCA (Effective Management, Communication & Action) with Carl Schneebeck for the past 8 years.


EOS Climate Team (2015)

Co-Founders Joe Madden, Stephen Lamm, and Jeff Cohen

Joe Madden, Stephen Lamm, and Jeff Cohen founded EOS Climate in 2009, while attending Presidio Graduate School.  Since then, EOS has grown to be the national leader in the destruction of refrigerants found in old air conditioning equipment, refrigerators and equipment.  To date, they have delivered over 4.5 million metric tonnes of verified emission reductions in North America!  EOS’s success in this previously overlooked ozone depleting commodity bodes well for the new initiatives they presented in Paris.

PGS Alum Joe Madden traveled to Paris for COP21 to present an EOS Climate collaborative project titled “Carbon Impact Factor,” a concept report describing tradable financial instruments that value carbon efficiency in commodity production.  An executive summary of the paper can be read on the Journal of Environmental Investing.

Nick Aster (2014)

Founder & Publisher at Triple Pundit

Nick started working on his idea while studying for his MBA. 3P a multi media platform, founded in 2005, grew to be one of the worlds’ most well read sources on ethical, sustainable and profitable business – informing and inspiring entrepreneurs, corporate executives and, yes, MBA students on using the power of business for good. In 2017 Triple Pundit was bought by 3BL Media.

Nick has continued to help the school, students, and graduates and continues to hire and mentor Presidians.