Eva Auchincloss

Eva Auchincloss (Board member Emeritus) was Associate Publisher of a women’s sports publishing company and Founding Executive Director of the Women’s Sports Foundation, as well as a principal of Auchincloss & Turner.  A delegate to the U.S. Olympic Committee, she has served on numerous board such as the Foundation of the California Bar Association, Junior League, Lifeplan Center, and the International Diplomacy Council of San Francisco. She is also co-founder of SF Village and a graduate of Vassar College. Click here to learn about Eva’s role on the Board of Directors and the inspiration for the award.

The Enterprise Vanguard Award or EVA was inspired by Founding Board Member, super supporter and donor Eva Auchincloss. When the time came for her to retire, the Board of Directors chose to honor her many contributions and love of the students and alumni through the annual EVA. When asked what kept her working so passionately for the School over these many years and challenges she responded: “Helping to empower all of you to make the world a better place and send ripples out to grow to waves.”

What is the EVA?

The award is given out to an individual or team of individuals, who through their endeavor(s) have achieved significant impact in the field of sustainability. This impact whether through business, non-profit or government has advanced a lasting shift or ripple effect either geographically or by disrupting an industry or practice.

How are recipients selected?

Each year, Alumni from both the San Francisco and Seattle Campuses nominate their fellow Alumni whose work embodies the definition of the award. Following the six week call for nominations, upon close inspection of all nominations, a multi-stakeholder task force chooses the annual recipient using the following criteria rating system:

  • The extent of the Impact of endeavor/enterprise
  • Endeavor/enterprise propels the paradigm shift to sustainability/regeneration in operations of a business, nonprofit, or government
  • Demonstrates leadership, whole systems thinking and creativity in combining impact in both social and environmental justice.
  • Effects across disciplines or sectors with potential to effect change exponentially
  • Engaged with Presidio Graduate School through presentations, mentoring and hiring of students and other alumni, and participating in the PGS Experiential Learning Program.