What is the Experiential Learning (EL) Program? 

Experiential Learning is a key component of all Presidio Graduate School degree programs. Our Experiential Learning Program partners teams of 3-6 students with a Project Manager from a public or private sector organization to address the real-world challenges of incorporating the best practices in sustainable management. Working as Project Associates, students apply the skills, techniques, and tools learned in the classroom to their client’s Experiential Learning project. Each team will produce a written report and develop recommendations for the best course of action that reflect a commitment to financial, human, and environmental sustainability.

Where can I find project descriptions and examples of past projects? 

Please visit the course links in the main page for more information. Examples of past projects can be found here.

This would be a good fit! How can we participate? 

To apply for an EL project you must fill out our Request for Project (RFP) online application form.

How are EL projects selected? 

Staff and faculty will review the RFPs for fit with course curricula and opportunity to apply course learning objectives. Projects are selected based on their capacity to provide optimal learning experiences in the fields and areas of interest that are most relevant to our students.

If my organization applies for an EL project, are we guaranteed to work with a student team? 

We generally receive more project applications than we have student teams and cannot guarantee that any organization or project will be matched to a student team. Some organizations that are not chosen may eligible to a apply for future semesters.

Can I work with students on more than one project per semester? 

Organizations can work on more than one project only if they provide a dedicated project manager for each course. A project manager can not participate in the oversight of two courses.

If my project is selected, what will my organization be expected to provide to the student team? 

As the Project Manager, you will need to contribute time, data, and access to key personnel. The specific requirements will vary based on the nature of the project and the timing within the semester.

Most projects will require that the Project Manager devote approximately 1-3 hours of their time per week to provide information and guidance through meetings, phone calls, site visits, introductions to other people within the company, or data mining.

If your project is chosen for Operations and Production or Managerial Finance, you will need to provide historic quantitative data regarding sales, pricing, and costs.

Is our confidential information protected? 

We provide a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) for you and the student team to sign, or if you prefer, we can use one that you provide. Your confidential information is protected.

Students will be allowed to reference the general work produced for their EL client in pursuit of their educational or professional careers.

Presidio Graduate School reserves the right to publicly list the organization as an Experiential Learning Program partner, to keep copies of all student teams’ final reports for internal use only, and to include a brief project description in EL Program promotional materials.

Who owns the completed project work? 

Your organization will own the final work product developed by the student team. This includes any strategies developed, Intellectual Property created, or spreadsheets and formulas crafted for the project by the team. This policy is described in our Third Party Agreement, which we encourage but do not require our partners to sign.

If my project is not selected, do I have other ways to work with PGS students? 

If your project is not selected or if you’d like to work with our students outside of the EL Program, our Student Affairs and Career Development team can post an internship or job position to our online job board. Send a description of your position to jobs@presidio.edu.

If you have questions about the application process or PGS’s Experiential Learning Program, please contact Connor O’Farrell, Experiential Learning Program Director. You may also schedule an introductory phone call here.

Do you think your company or organization may be a good fit for our maverick business teams?

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