Crystal Arvigo, MBA
Director of Corporate Communications & Business Analytics, ATD Dynamics

Nick Aster, MBA
Founder, Triple Pundit

David Bennett, MBA
Fellow, Business & Society Program

Chhaya Bhanti, MBA
Founder, Black Dot Project

Xantha Bruso, MBA
Principal, Long Term Energy Policy, PG&E

Robin Connell, MBA
Sr. Manager, Corporate Responsibility & Internal Communications, Del Monte Foods

Gretchen Cummings, MBA
Deputy Director, Education Program, American Institutes for Research

Nate Dahl, MPA
City Planner, City of Berkeley

Erin Decker, MBA
Senior Manager, Sustainability Programs,

Taja DiLeonardi, MBA
Founder, EcoHome Improvement

Erik Distler, MPA
Senior Associate, PricewaterhouseCoopers Sustainable Business Solutions

Laura Erickson, MBA
Associate Director, Swissnex

Katie Excoffier, MBA
Sustainability Manager, Genentech

Saskia Feast, MBA
Natural Capital Partners, VP Western Region

Adam Feldman, MBA
Director, GSSG Solar

Shivani Ganguly, MBA
Founder, Friday Consulting

Julien Gervreau, MBA
Sustainability Project Manager, Jackson Family Wines

Dustin Haggett, MBA
Founder, Impact HUB Salt Lake

Matt Henigan, MBA
Deputy Secretary for Sustainability for the State of California

Matt Homyak, MBA
Founder, Stag Dining Group

Amy Johnson, MPA
Membership and Advocacy Director, US Federation of Worker Cooperatives

Illana Lipsett, MBA
Founder, Freespace

Sarah McKinney, MBA
Columnist, Forbes

Nils Moe, MBA
Managing Director, Urban Sustainability Directors Network

Josh Newman, MPA
Investment Analyst, Sonen Capital

Jacob Park, MBA
Principal Sustainability Advisor, Forum for the Future

James Parle, MBA
CEO, Muir Data Systems

Eric Raymond, MBA
Communications Manager, Google Green

James Rogers, MBA
Sustainability Manager, The North Face

Amanda Rohlich, MPA
Waste Diversion Planner, Strategic Initiatives Division, City of Austin

Julie Sammons, MBA
Director of Communications & Outreach, CITRIS: Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society

Matt Sonefeldt, MBA
Head of Investor Education, LinkedIn

Lauren Tett, MBA
Project Manager, Sungevity

Elizabeth Ü, MBA
Founder, Finance for Food

Stacey Waldspurger, MBA
Founder, Tomato Sherpa

Dale Wannen, MBA
Principal, Sustainvest Management

Ed West, MBA
Founder, Hylo

Larry Halpern, MBA
Manager, Business Analytics at Intrexon Corporation

Peter Rose, MBA
Area Manager, The Wine Group

Kathleen Phillips, MBA
Supply Chain Sustainability Manager, PRO*ACT USA

Maryline Daviaud Lewett, MBA
Senior Manager, Business Development, EV business Unit, Schneider Electric

Sarah Vared, MBA
Associate, MissionPoint Capital Partners

Marn-Yee Lee, MBA
Transit Analyst, Mobility Partners, LLC

Achai Broner, MBA
Director, Pro Services, Noesis Energy

Matt Henigan, MBA
Deputy Secretary for Sustainability at State of California

David Sheridan, MBA
Regional Sales Manager, WaterSmart Software

Carole Cusack, MBA
Managing Director, American Board for Occupational Health Nurses

Megan Burritt, MBA
Director of Wellness and Sustainability, Raley’s

Isabelle Reining, MBA
Sustainability Manager, Straus Family Creamery

Valerie Nibler, MBA
Principal Consultant at DNV GL – Energy

Jeremy Waen, MPA
Regulatory Analyst, Marin Clean Energy

Kristina Paster, MBA
Operations and Marketing Manager, Pearson Foundation

Jake Wise, MBA
Utility Solutions Practice at The Cadmus Group, Inc.

Karen Schlesinger, MBA
Sustainable Operations Therapist at FounderTherapy

Tiina Seppalainen, MBA
Director, Account Management, AT&T

Kartika Tulusan, MBA
Third Party Product Manager for Central Europe, Expedia, Inc.

Tim McLaughlin, MBA
Cofounder, Streets of San Francisco Bike Tours

Nick Sanderson, MBA
CEO, Laundry Locker

Sonia Weiss, MBA
Senior Life Science Risk Management Specialist, Berkley Life Sciences

Judy Prejean, MBA
SAP Sr. Business Analyst at SM Energy Company

Kelly Birdwell, MBA
Energy Utility Analyst, Alameda Municipal Power

Esther Pearl, MBA
Founder and Executive Director, Camp Reel Stories

Janice Neitzel, MBA
Principal, Sustainable Solutions Group

Justin Bean, MBA
Head of Sales Operations, Strategic Initiatives at Streetline, Inc.

Sara Kennedy, MBA
Business Development Manager, EnerNOC

Jill Stoneberg, MBA
Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Avaya

Raj Jambotkar, MBA
Product Manager, Samasource

Lauren Wray, MBA
Director of Marketing, Bay Area Pervious Concrete

Jennifer Elks, MBA
Managing Editor, Sustainable Brands

Kainoa Casco, MBA
Chief Responsibility Officer, Susty Pacific

Lindsey Kauffman, MBA
Senior Environmental Specialist, Owens Corning

John Paul Chulliyil, MBA
Product Development Manager, Gen7, a division of American Modular Systems

Sean Middleton, MPA
Senior Air Quality Planner, Houston-Galveston Area Council

Mahsa Khamisi, MBA
Director of Operations and Corporate Development, AgeSong Senior Communities

Charles Bowers, MBA
Sustainability Manager, CBRE

Elizabeth Murphy, MBA
Channel Marketing Manager at Glassdoor

Marlena John, MBA
COO, Mindfull Crowd

Griff Foxley, MBA
COO, Lone Mountain Wagyu

David Rose, MBA
Executive Director, Small School for Equity

Izabel Loinaz, MBA
CEO and Principal Consultant, Spring Partners, Inc.

Jessica Williams, MBA
Senior Program Associate, Community Focus – a Project of The Tides Center

Robyn L. Miller, MBA
Associate Director of Finance/Controller, Pacific Community Ventures

David Jay, MBA
Co-Founder, Nudge at Samsung Accelerator

Christy Hurlburt, MBA
West Coast Key Account Manager at Enevo Inc.

Megan Arneson, MBA
Program Manager,

Martin Kuepker, MBA
Director of Brand Digital Marketing at Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants

Natasha Tuck, MBA
Vice President, Marketing, PulpWorks, Inc.

Rachel Balsley, MBA
Senior Program Manager,

Rebecca Busse, MBA
Senior Manager, Stakeholder Engagement, Future 500

Laura Erickson, MBA
Associate Director, Swissnex San Francisco

Janine Kubert, MBA
Senior Interaction Designer, Wells Fargo

Kristal Kavney, MBA
Director of Business Development, GuideStar

Leslie Brown, MBA
Business Analyst, Public Benefit Programs, Silicon Valley Power

Chad Reese, MBA
Marketing Manager, Distributed Generation, California Center for Sustainable Energy

Elizabeth Foughty, MBA
Director, RMS

Stowe Beam, MBA
Senior Director, Corporate Development, SCS Global Services

Mark Sutton, MBA
Policy and Program Analyst, Northern California Community Loan Fund

Natasha Tuck, MBA
Sustainability Manager at VMware

Judy Prejean, MBA
Sr. Business Analyst at PG&E