February Residency 2013 Guest Speakers


By Rachel Fus, Communications Manager

Published 2.21.13


Students in SUS7025: Market Failures and the Regulatory Environment heard from several guest speakers on Thursday. One of those speakers was Zachary Norris, JD of the environmental law firm Beveridge and Diamond.

Norris covered in a variety of topics in his lecture, one of which was proposed regulations from California's Department of Toxic Substances Control's (DTSC) as part of the California Green Chemistry Initiative (CGCI).   The regulations are designed to reduce exposure to toxins by creating a list of chemicals deemed hazardous to the public or the environment, requiring companies to analyze the impact of these chemicals when used in their products, and then proactively helping them find safer, greener alternatives.

“I think [the regulation] provides a lot of opportunity for private sector innovation,” said Norris. He described the potential for companies that specialize in creating Analysis of Alternatives reports and organizations, helping companies obtain DTSC approval for their production plan while remaining competitive.

Norris advised that the new regulations were far from becoming law, noting that the potential public divulgence of proprietary product formulations is a “sticking point” for many industries.

“Trade Secrets should hold back these initiatives,” said Norris. “There has to be some middle ground” between the full disclosure demanded by environmental groups and the full protection of product formulation requested by companies.

A great many thanks to these other guest speakers, who attended residency this past week:

Principles of Sustainable Management (SUS6010)
• R. Paul Herman — HIP Investor

Sustainable Products and Services (SUS6090)
• Steve Ransom — Autodesk
• Sean Hewens — IDEO.org

Operations and Production (SUS6110)
• Jorgen Vos (Presidio alum & LCA guru) — Hara

Implementation of Sustainable Business Practices (SUS6130)
• Tyler Peterson — Sustainability Accounting Standards Board

Capital Markets (SUS6175)
• Jake Freifeld — Chilmark Hill Capital

Leadership for Sustainable Management (SUS6210)
• Ritu Jain — LearningJar Inc.

Sustainable Urban Development, Economics, & Policy (SUS7100)
• Mike Harrison – Enviroassets

Market Failures & the Regulatory Environment (SUS7025)
• Sona Chilingaryan — U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Pacific Southwest
• Caroline Farrell, Ingrid Brostrom, and Lauren Richter - Center for Race, Poverty and the Environment

Rachel Fus, Communications Manager

Rachel Fus is the Communications Manager at Presidio Graduate School. She’s sad that she is no longer able to eat gluten, but it’s okay because she gets to eat cheese.

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