Five Ways Experiential Learning Can Further Your Career Development


By Mitchell Friedman, Associate Dean of Career Development and Student Affairs

Published 7.23.13

The Experiential Learning (EL) courses at Presidio Graduate School offer invaluable opportunities for personal and professional growth.  More specifically, as an MBA student, working on EL projects in marketing, operations, strategy, and finance courses can serve your career development goals in the following five ways:

1. By applying what you learn in EL courses when completing real-world projects for a variety of organizations, you gain a better sense of the challenges and opportunities faced by working professionals in related functional areas and thus can better assess your interest in exploring further this kind of work, not to mention other related academic experiences while at PGS.

2. You learn about specific organizations that might be future employers.  You also learn about the dynamics of specific industries and can begin to cultivate contacts, which similarly can be helpful when searching for a job in that field.

3. As startups, Fortune 500 companies, and myriad other organizations in both the public and private sectors host EL projects, you’ll gain experience and insight in a particular work context that might whet your appetite for an additional EL or internship experience or education to further these interests–or it or may deter you entirely from considering that context for future employment. In either case, the learning experience has great value.

4. An EL project team also offers you individual and collective experience as advisors to managers grappling with the challenges of implementing sustainable management practices in their organizations.

5. The experience of working in a team on a project–so vital to not only your EL classes but also your entire experience at PGS–offers you the opportunity to cultivate skills likely to appeal to employers who increasingly are organizing their enterprises around collaborative, team-based work.

Mitchell Friedman, Associate Dean of Career Development and Student Affairs

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