Gov. Howard Dean kicks off the PresidioPRO Master Class series


By Carla Mays, Master Class Attendee

Published 9.18.12


Governor Howard Dean kicked off the PresidioPro Master Class series on Tuesday afternoon with the fire and robust energy he has brought to his many roles in politics and government. This unique course offered students, faculty, alumni and the public a chance to have three hours up close and personal with the former presidential candidate and Chair of the Democratic National Committee.

One of the themes of Dean’s lecture were his keys to success including his ability to harness the Internet. During the lecture, Dean discussed how advances in technology have allowed Millenials and Gen X’ers to bypass traditional ways of creating organizational and governmental change, and create new vehicles altogether such as crowd-funding and direct engagement platform like Change.Org.

“Instead of changing the system, create your own system,” encouraged Dean.

Dean also cited his career as an Internist as critical to his success in politics.

“As a doctor you have to weigh the facts quickly, and make a decision and move on,” Dean said during a discussion of how his medical training has aided him in government and politics.

“There’s no time to second guess or labor, it’s life or death,” the Governor added. “In civic leadership there are lot of times where I have found myself in similar situations around policy, like with domestic partner legislation in the early 2000’s.”

Although he was eventually re-elected as Governor, Dean’s decision to support domestic partnership legislation lead to him wearing a bullet-proof jacket at public appearances and cost his party positions.

Dean closed by encouraging each student to have the fortitude to stand up for their beliefs and the endurance to keep trying to create change even when faced with opposition.

“There’s got to be someone with a big picture view and maybe that going to be you, “ said Dean.

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