Green Leaf is the only door company dedicated to producing a high quality and environmentally friendly bamboo door.

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Project Executive Summary

Green Leaf Doors, founded in 2005, manufactures American-made and crafted bamboo doors for both the interior and exterior. All its products are made in America, and use environmentally sensitive and sustainable materials. Their intention is to offer a product that is environmentally superior to other doors. GLD has won various industry awards, and garnered plenty of positive attention at trade shows across California. GLD currently has 12 dealers across the United States, the majority of which are in California. Doors begin at a base price of $700 and can range up to $3000. GLD is currently selling approximately 10 doors per month but would like to scale its operations to take advantage of new and growing markets in the construction and green building industry.

In order to achieve GLD’s objective to scale, it is recommended that GLD:
– create a new brand position
– streamline wholesale channel
– expand into the green building market

As a startup, GLD’s marketing budget is initially small since it is proportional to its sales. Our recommendations are geared toward increasing sales while ensuring long-term success and viability while keeping in mind GLD’s financial and staffing constraints. In many instances, our recommendations do require increases in revenue, and corresponding increases in the marketing budget, to promote the product, and further increase sales. We have arranged our implementation recommendations along a spectrum that starts with tactics and tasks that require low-investment, and are easier to be tackled, ahead of those that are capital-intensive or of a lower priority. This is to ensure the most productive use of GLD’s current time and funds.