Green Spa Network is a community of people leading the way to transform the spa industry to be more efficient, sustainable, and earth-friendly. Their work goes beyond the direct impact they as spas individually and collectively make on our natural environment — we are environmental ambassadors and spokespeople to the millions of spa visitors they come into contact with every year.

They are passionate about finding ways for spas to become places where the journey to personal wellness is unified with the journey to planetary wellness. By sharing knowledge and resources, our movement both strengthens their individual businesses and creates lasting environmental impacts throughout the industry.

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Project Executive Summary

Green Spa Network (GSN) is a not-for-profit 501©6 trade association committed to “facilitating education, research and alliances in sustainable spa business practices, and to promote the natural connections between personal well-being, economic sustainability, and the health of the planet.” Established in 2007, GSN has been instrumental in promoting human wellness and its connection and dependence to environmental and social health within the spa industry.

GSN provides members with a Sustainability Assessment, scorecard and toolkits in 13 sustainability Practice Groups (spa leadership, cleaning, waste, water, etc.). . The Presidio Team analyzed the Waste Toolkit as a means assess the overall tool and provide recommendations for this toolkit as well as to serve as a model for the remaining 12.

To address these issues the Presidio Team recommends GSN:

  1. Rename the Sustainability Assessment Tool to the Sustainability Assessment
  2. Group the 13 Practice Groups under the existing categories of Spa Management, Spa Operations, Products and Services and Conservation. Combine Energy Use and Lighting to one category of Energy. Divide Employee and Guess Experience into two categories.
  3. Create a streamlined, dynamic and accessible interface for spa members allowing them to directly access specific categories (management, operations, etc.) or sub categories for the assessment.
  4. Rebrand the Sustainability Scorecard categories to align with the Shades of Green concept. Maintain three categories of light (mint), medium (fern) and dark (oak). Rank spas with key performance indicators in each category receiving the most weight. For waste we recommend waste diversion and percent cost savings.
  5. Provide spas a personalized list of best management practices in each category in order to encourage continuous improvement in sustainability. These should initially focus on Conservation (Energy, Water, Waste).
  6. Implement a Pilot Study with a minimum of 6 spas to test the waste tool. Streamline and develop best management practices with these spas in an iterative fashion.
  7. Following the Waste Toolkit, build out the remaining Conservation categories beginning with Energy and then Water. Use service providers to assist in developing sustainability plans implementation plans.
  8. Engage in regular Experiential Learning partnerships with Presidio Graduate School. Recommend an Operations EL that analyzes GSN business model and revenue generation.