“Here’s to the Doers:” Celebrating the leaders who create the fabric of social enterprise with the Impact Weavers Award


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Published 5.28.14

logo“Here’s to the Doers:” Celebrating the leaders who create the fabric of social enterprise with the Impact Weavers Award

When we think about the heroes in the social impact sector, CEOs and founders are usually the first to jump to mind. But we all know that these visionaries don’t do it alone. And yet, we’re usually hard pressed to name other key team members that bring the vision to life.

Friday Consulting and Social Capital Markets (SOCAP) are reframing this conversation with the introduction of the Impact Weavers Award. The award celebrates the leaders who work behind the scene to create the teams and infrastructure that form the fabric of successful social enterprises. Nominations for outstanding internal leaders are being accepted through June 9th.

Founder and Principal of Friday Consulting Shivani Ganguly (C11) notes, “We frequently praise the founders of social enterprises for their vision and willingness to take on the challenges and great risks that come along with building a successful venture. However, we tend to forget about the internal leaders that build the team and make the hundreds of strategic and tactical decisions needed to bring the vision to fruition.”

With this award, Friday Consulting and SOCAP want to pull back the curtain on these outstanding individuals and recognize the hard work they do to create and interlace the many pieces that come together to form a thriving organization. SOCAP Convener Kevin Doyle Jones says, “The myth of the hero was useful in the early stages of social enterprise; you needed a picture of a pioneer breaking new ground. Now we need another picture: a realization that change happens in teams and in communities. It takes more than a leader; it takes the doer to make the vision real. Here’s to the doers, the practical ones who flesh out the visionary’s ideas against what’s real and possible, the ones who point out the barriers ahead of time and find a way to get the visionary’s idea turned into a product or a service.”

You may not know who the Impact Weavers are in your favorite social enterprises. But we bet you know who they are within your own organization–so nominate them for this award! Or perhaps YOU are an Impact Weaver yourself–we want to hear from you, too!

Nominations are accepted through Monday June 9th. The award will be presented to two outstanding internal leaders in social enterprise on stage at SOCAP14, in San Francisco, CA September 2-5. Two award recipients will receive passes to SOCAP14, a published interview, and mentorship opportunities.

For more information about the Impact Weavers Award, please visit Friday Consulting’s award page: http://fridayconsultingsf.com/impactweavers/.

Friday Consulting is a boutique consulting firm that helps social impact startups grow by providing clients with the skills and tools they need to bring their products and services to scale. With Friday Consulting’s guidance, these businesses focus on a triple bottom line approach--using financial, social, and environmental metrics to measure success and return value to investors and stakeholders. The primary service offerings are in finance, operations, and human capital.

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