Libba Pinchot

Through her work with Pinchot & Co., an intrapreneurship consultancy, Libba Pinchot has worked with half of the Fortune 100 as well as countless NGOs and government agencies. She consults with senior sustainability leaders and intrapreneurs to create innovative contributions to the welfare of people and planet, by engaging employees and stakeholders in a systemic movement for a healthy future. She helped launch numerous startups in the areas of service, technology, and education. She co-developed a wilderness learning center on Cortes Island in British Columbia, Canada that hosted dozens of groups pursuing sustainability and social justice causes. In 2002, Libba co-founded Bainbridge Graduate Institute, the first sustainable graduate business school in the country. 

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What is the LIBBA?

The LIBBA was inspired by Libba Pinchot, a co-founder of Pinchot University, formerly Bainbridge Graduate Institute (BGI), and now the Seattle Campus of Presidio Graduate School. She co-developed the campus’ unique culture as a learning laboratory for an effective workplace culture for sustainable business. Inclusive practices such as Virginia Satir’s Circle help people see systems more clearly, discover themselves as powerful actors within those systems, and work together to expand their collaborative impact. She served as the founding Board Chair and later as Ombudsman of BGI, using her expertise in systems change and interpersonal leadership to create a vibrant and supportive school community.  

The award is given out to an individual or team who, through their leadership in sustainable innovations, have achieved significant impact that engages wider participation beyond the enterprise. It recognizes the level of innovation and the cultural transformation that has inspired stakeholders to contribute to lasting systemic change.  

How are recipients selected?

Each year, alumni will nominate fellow alums whose work embodies the spirit of the award. Following the call for nominations, a multi-stakeholder task force chooses the annual honoree using the following criteria:

  • The extent of impact and leadership in the field of the endeavor for both social justice and environmental health.
  • Their endeavor demonstrates transformative/adaptive leadership, whole systems thinking, and creativity in combining impact in both social and environmental justice.
  • The endeavor attracts others to engage in sustainability by the human qualities of the innovation as well as by the concrete impact on people and the planet.
  • Their endeavors connect across boundaries to propel the paradigm shift to sustainability/regeneration, expanding their influence beyond the boundaries of operation of the business, non-profit, or government agency as a form of movement building.
  • They demonstrate the higher level of responsibility for the impact one can make on a system, which may include engaging with Presidio Graduate School through presentations, mentoring and hiring of students and other alumni, or utilizing the Experiential Learning Program through contacts and company advice.

The winner/s of the award are announced at Alumni Weekend at IslandWood. The recipient/s are invited to speak at Graduation the following month.