The Los Angeles Food Policy Council is a collaborative network working to make Good Food-healthy, affordable, fair and sustainable- available to all LA.

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Project Executive Summary

LAFPC is considering how to expand and structure the Good Food Purchasing Program (GFPP). The objective of the project was to evaluate their strategic options for expansion as well as whether or not GFPP could generate new revenue streams to cover program costs. GFPP is a metrics based certification program for food service level procurement, and these metrics are all connected with issues of sustainability- economic, environmental, and social. We used strategic analysis such as business model canvas, SWOT analysis, visioning exercises, as well as financial analysis such as financial modeling and projection, NPV, and SROI in executing our project. Our key conclusions were that a fee-for-service model will not be able to function as a sustainable revenue stream for the GFPP as an independent organization, and recommended that LAFPC be prepared to find other funding sources for GFPP if it decides to split from LAFPC.