Luni Libes Featured in CNBC Article on Entrepreneurship in Seattle


By Luni Libes Featured in CNBC Article on Entrepreneurship in Seattle

Published 4.26.15

 Pinchot entrepreneurship professor Luni Libes was recently featured in a CNBC article on Seattle’s new wave of entrepreneurs. Fledge, Libes’ startup accelerator, was inspired by Pinchot MBAs in need of a stepping stone between graduate and successful entrepreneur. The fruits of this work are companies you may have heard of: Stockbox GrocersCommunity Sourced Capital, and Evrnu to name a few.

CNBC’s Kate Rodgers reports:

And for entrepreneurs who want to launch companies and do good, there’s Fledge, a “conscious company accelerator” in Seattle. They invest $20,000 into a company to cover travel, room, board and some start-up costs for entrepreneurs with social and environmental concepts. The exclusive program that lasts 10 weeks and provides mentorship and training to get start-ups off the ground. In three and a half years, they’ve had 39 graduates from all over the globe, launching businesses that do things from recycling cotton to raising escargot and more.
“All of the research shows that if you do good by doing business, you make more money,” said Luni Libes, Fledge’s founder, and managing director. “We pick companies that will have the biggest potential impact and plans they can actually turn into businesses.”

Check out to read the full article.

Luni Libes Featured in CNBC Article on Entrepreneurship in Seattle

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