Chartered in 1912, the Marin Municipal Water District was the first municipal water district in California. Today, MMWD serves 185,000 people in a 147 square-mile area of south and central Marin County. Our mission is to manage our natural resources in a sustainable manner and to provide our customers with reliable, high quality water at a reasonable price.

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Project Executive Summary

The Marin Municipal Water District (MMWD or District) serves a 147-square-mile area in south and central Marin County, with a population of 195,000. Residential accounts make up more than 90% of the District’s customer base, and account for over 70% of total water use.

Due to recent budget cuts, the District is focusing on behavioral solutions to promote water conservation, such as educating its customers about ways to use less water in the home, rather than technical, hardware-oriented solutions, such as retrofit rebate programs. As a result, MMWD has developed a new series of classes, Sustainable Landscape Workshops For Homeowners & Professionals. This new program is a public/private partnership between the District and The Urban Farmer Store. Five workshops have been scheduled, with one workshop scheduled each month starting in December 2011. Topics include rainwater harvesting, graywater reuse, irrigation and soil building techniques. The classes will be held on Saturdays at the Mill Valley Community Center.

The overall objective of this marketing plan is to maximize enrollment in these educational classes, subsequently raising awareness about, and adoption of, water conservation practices. This goal will be achieved through offering interesting, relevant classes with appealing content, as well as using marketing promotions in a targeted fashion. Specific recommendations are provided regarding public relations, and direct and interactive marketing, including social media, as well as traditional advertising. Additional recommendations include suggestions for future class topics and venue locations.