Mary Solecki Author Advanced Biofuel Market Report


By Sonya Kendall, Associate Director of Engagement

Published 6.26.12

I amMary-Solecki excited to highlight Mary Solecki as our October featured alum. Mary recently co-authored the Advanced Biofuel Market Report 2012, which was released last month by Environmental Entreprenuers (E2), a partner of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

In addition to her thought leadership with the NRDC, Mary has continued to give back to PGS by serving as a TA for

Quantitative Methods for Business and Public Administration.

Mary works as an environmental consultant, specializing in research, applied policy studies and communications for renewable energy and fuel. She works on biofuel regulation and policy across the United States.

Areas of special interest to Mary are social entrepreneurship and international development. She has volunteered with, and supports, organizations such as Green Empowerment and International Development Exchange. Mary lives in Santa Cruz, CA.

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Sonya Kendall, Associate Director of Engagement

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